Our vision

With excellent teachers, outstanding resources and a broad view of the needs of Muslims growing up in a secular environment, our online Islam lessons at Tazkiyah Academy aims to help nurture children to become confident and happy Muslims in the context of the environment in which they live.

…helping your children feel comfortable in the skin that they are in…

A problem…

Children need balance in their lives; everyone knows this. When Muslim parents fearfully look into the context of their children in England, with all the various and progressive influences upon them, they want to address what they see as an imbalance with what they know to be the solution; Islam.

Helping to nurture your child to make good decisions.
…helping nurture your child to make good decisions…

Sounds like the right thing doesn’t it?

Islam is the answer but what is often misunderstood is the context of the children. Filling their lives with ‘more Islam’ will often include sending children to very long or very frequent Islamic lessons which may be content heavy and may not be as engaging as children are used to at school. It may include overreacting to comments made that seem ‘un-Islamic’. In our bid to try and make our children ‘more Islamic’ we focus on strict conservatism in the hope that they will somehow meet us in the middle…

This is a mistake.

If we push too hard, they will move away. And that is an all too easy choice for them to make in a society where you can ‘be whatever you want to be’.

“As a teacher of 16 years experience, working as a head of department for religious education in various schools across the country, I have watched the reaction of young people to this kind of very instructive and cold Islamic learning.” Sister Ros Fatima (Headteacher)

When children feel like their religion is being used a stick to beat them with there are three general reactions:

1. There are some who will submit because their nature is such that they tend to accept and not challenge whatever is presented to them.

2. Some feel develop a sort of dual personality where they behave as one thing in the English context and another thing in (what they see as) the Muslim context. This group spend their lives feeling guilty.

3. Some reject Islam, remaining Muslim by name but with no intention of ever putting their own kids through the same ordeal…

If we put our children through this, we are not doing our duty to them.

Online Islam lessons that make sense in a modern world.
….making sense of being Muslim in a modern world.

Our FREE online Islam lessons provide a solution

We must nurture our children to love Islam. This is not a choice; it is our duty as parents.

Islam is the solution to encourage mental wellbeing and stability. Islam provides the path to walk for those who seek success and sakina. Islam makes sense in any context.

Online Islam lessons that nurture spirituality.
…nurturing spirituality…

Tazkiyah Academy has been developed as a branch of LearnMyIslam to inspire love of Islam and to nurture sincere and comfortable faith even in the context of of a non-religious environment.

“As a revert of 12 years, I have had to battle with building bridges between being English and being Muslim. I understand deeply, personally and professionally what the bigger picture is and how the difficulties need to be addressed.” Sister Ros Fatima (Headteacher)

Tazkiyah Academy interprets the message of Islam and delivers it in the right way for Muslim children living in the UK.

Online Islam lessons that promote wellbeing.
…promoting wellbeing….

Our classes age groups

Our classes are set in school year groups. We believe that it is important that our structure replicates what children are used to so that they will be more confident in the classes and at a similar stage of learning to all the other pupils.

We are accepting application forms for children in all years at primary school and in year 9-10 girls only in secondary schools.

All classes are online and are designed for online learning.

Online Islam Lessons that are engaging in inspiring.
Online Islam Lessons that are engaging in inspiring.

Timings of online Islam lessons

Reception and year 1: Free class 30 minutes per week

Year 2: One 30-40 minute lesson per week

This lesson is beginning with Miss Fatma Nur on W/B 28th Feb. To register please fill in the form: https://tazkiyahacademy.aidaform.com/lessons

Year 3 and 4 will have 45 mins to an hour per week (depending on their stamina each week!)

These lessons begin W/B 28th February with Mr Erdem

To register please fill in the form: https://tazkiyahacademy.aidaform.com/lessons

Year 5 and Year 6 will have about 1 hour lesson per week.

These lesson begin W/B 28th February with Sister Ros Fatima

To register please fill out the form: https://tazkiyahacademy.aidaform.com/lessons

Number of pupils per class

We will run a new class as soon as we have three pupils registered.

We will always have between three and five pupils in a class. The reason for this is the online forum requires more attention to individual needs and so it cannot be more, but it is also good to have interaction and various views and so it is good to have multiple pupils.

Our Teachers

Most our teachers are from Turkey. We really value their input because Turkish children are raised in a secular environment but are very comfortable with their Islam and are taught to practise with love. We find that this ease and positivity infuses into the pupils that they teach.

Our teachers are selected according to their ability to interact positively with children, according to their manifest love of Islam, according to their practise of Islam and their sharing of our vision. Although we have not insisted on Islamic qualifications for our teachers (a lot of knowledge is sometimes a hindrance to inspiring and nurturing love and understanding) our teachers have an excellent understanding of Islam and how to be Muslim.

All parents will be given the opportunity to meet the teachers before the start of the lessons so that you are comfortable with your choices. Also, don’t forget that you will be aware of what is happening as the lessons are run online at home!

Teachers all have DBS check or local equivalent.

Online Islamic curriculum and resources

Our resources are developed critically and carefully by experts in pedagogy and Islamic knowledge. The curriculum is designed to take the pupils on a journey that continuously builds learning, revisits past topics in new and creative ways to help inspire a love of Islam and enjoyment of the lessons.

taking you on a beautiful journey
Tazkiyah Academy; taking you on a beautiful journey.

Our power points act as the basis for each lesson and teachers adjust these according to the needs of their class as appropriate. We use the Fons Vitae al Ghazali Children publications, Safar series of Islamic text books and adapt and supplement information from these publications to be attractive and inspiring for the pupils we teach.

After registering your child, you will be invited to meet the headteacher and teacher by Zoom and we will discuss with you in more detail the curriculum.

All resources will be sent to your home prior to the lesson so that you do not have to do any printing!

Cost of lessons

Lessons are free alhamdulillah but we welcome donations as teachers time and resources do still need to be paid.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do pupils also learn tajweed/Qur’an? A: Each lesson pupils will begin by reciting Surah Fatiha together with their teacher and the basis for all lessons is understanding the message of the Qur’an. However, these lessons are to develop understanding of Islam rather than tajweed. We can provide additional lessons for Qur’an tajweed and hifz through Gold Training Academy. If you are interested in discussing a programme of Tazkiyah Academy lessons as well as tajweed please email support@learnmyislam.com to discuss what might be most appropriate for your child.

Q: Are these lessons developed for a particular denomination/sect of Islam? A: We welcome all Muslim children. There is no content that will be offensive or contentious to any different sect. Different Muslim families and cultures have different ’emphases’. However, as the resources are developed with experts from a range of backgrounds and the teachers are from various areas of Turkey, there is not one deliberate culture presented. Tazkiyah Academy discourages fundamentalist narratives. Therefore, the culture usually associated with Saudi Arabia is not actively represented.

Q: What happens if my child misses a lesson? A: We will supply some catch up information giving a summary of what was learned on the missed lesson. Each lesson there will be a short recap of the previous lesson. The cost still stands for missed lessons because pupils will not be having lessons during their holiday time, so as with a school they should try to be at all scheduled lessons.

Q: I don’t know know anyone who has studied at Tazkiyah Academy. How do I know I can trust what you will teach? A: This is an important question for any parent. One of the great benefits of having online Islam lessons is that parents can keep a watch on what is happening. You will also get the opportunity to speak to the head teacher and teacher before the lessons. If you would like more information or to ask any questions please feel free to email support@learnmyislam.com

Q: Are the classes mixed gender? A: Everything that people do in the UK professionally and in education is mixed gender. It is important that children do not grow up thinking that this conflicts with Islam (it is ‘free’ mixing which is a clear boundary). Therefore, we give their Islamic lessons in a mixed forum too.

Please contact us on support@learnmyislam.com or WhatsApp message 07852702508 for more information.

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