Our curriculum

At Tazkiyah Academy we have developed a curriculum to meet the needs of Muslims living in a secular environment. We will help your children to avoid the internal conflicts often experienced by Muslims who grow up in the UK.

How will our curriculum help?

The only way to nurture love of faith in the hearts of believers is to teach them to swim the the oceans of mercy that is Islamic knowledge.

This means we teach the usual things you would expect from madrassa lessons, but in addition we encourage deep spiritual reflection and genuine understanding.

Our curriculum encourages deep spiritual reflection.
Our curriculum encourages deep spiritual reflection.

How is Tazkiyah Academy different?

Our methods are original. We use information and knowledge from traditional madrassa curriculums such as Safar Islamic Curriculum. Where these publications are incomplete in information, we use other curriculums in addition. In order to deepen the knowledge deliverable through these curriculums, we cross reference using Al Ghazali Children books which lean on the spiritual blossoming of the heart.

'The command He gave to the rose, He gave to my heart' Maulana Rumi RA
‘The command He gave to the rose, He gave to my heart’ Maulana Rumi RA

From these beginnings, our panel of highly skilled teachers has mapped the curriculum and developed exceptional resources designed to take your children on a journey, focusing on diving deep into the essence of faith and spirituality.

“We take a dive into the pure waters of aqidah, fiqh, history, seerah of the Prophet ﷺ and self and help pupils to understand this in reference to developing true spirituality and emotional wellbeing.” Sister Ros Fatima (headteacher)

How will Tazkiyah curriculum help develop spirituality?

Our classes run from Year 1 to Year 6 initially, moving towards Year 10. This means we will be a trusted companion of your child as they walk the path towards adulthood أَن يَشَاءَ اللَّهُ. The curriculum is developed with the consultation of teachers with extensive experience in UK schools. We know the typical pit falls and difficulties that Muslim pupils face being in UK and we have learned methods to help.

We use methods such as guided mediation, poetry and personal experience to help awaken the spirit.

Spiritual blossoming through guided mediation and reflection...
Spiritual blossoming through guided mediation and reflection…

In Year 7- 10 we also have small units exploring poetry in Islam focussing on Maulana Rumi RA, Shaykh Ibn Arabi RA and Allama Iqbal RA.

The giving of knowledge is a relatively small part of teaching. Teaching is a skill to make sure that pupils can use the knowledge you share and understand how it benefits them so that they are able to walk the path confidently and with love.

Please see here a short video with an example of a lesson. No children are featured in this video. (**coming soon**)

For more information or to register your child, please contact us on 07852702508 or email support@learnmyislam.com